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The Company


Environmental Responsilibity

Retesp adopts practices based on ISO 14001 requirements, and has a great concern for the environment working hard on solutions for the management and final disposal of waste.

All industrial waste from Retesp goes through separation and classification processes, and waste is intended for the purpose of recycling by a company that specializes in this segment.

Retesp keeps control and continuous monitoring of it's work environments through the Environmental Risk Prevention Program - ERPP with the environmental risk assessment of all sectors through a Team that specializes in Occupational Health and Safety.

Retesp is also concerned with the formation of the new generations therefore it invests in actions built by means of public policies, and works on raising people's awareness about environmental preservation so that they can increasingly achieve a better and healthier standard of living.

Environmental Policy

Retesp considers environmental conservation a duty for all and has as their guiding principles the respect for nature and the harmonious relationship with society.

Our commitment to the environment is founded upon the following actions:

  • To promote the optimal use of natural resources;
  • To carry out the separation and proper disposal of industrial waste;
  • To work in accordance with the environmental regulations;
  • To incorporate the environmental dimension to decision-making processes;
  • To develop products and new technologies for the preservation of the environment;
  • To promote awareness and commitment of employees to good practices related to the environment.