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The Company

Production Process

Design and Development

Retesp designs, develops and produces rubber, polyurethane, thermoplastic and metal components to meet the various customer demands. With a production flow based on chemical and mechanical technologies, we design and produce high-precision and high-performance polymeric seals, the whole production process being carried out internally, which allows us the speed and differentials in relation to the market.


Our scope of rubber and polyurethane formulations exceeds the number of 700 recipes, and we are not limited to this number. We have the technical capability to design and develop new formulations in accordance with the technical specifications of the part or the regulatory requirements. All formulations undergo an extensive validation process through laboratory testing, in order to consolidate the technical capabilities of our products.

Laboratory Testing

Retesp is responsible for the research and development of new rubber, polyurethane and thermoplastic compounds, which successfully meet various market applications and we have internal equipment and loyal partner laboratories, which allows for the realization of numerous standardized tests.

Mold Machining

A department composed of high-tech, high-precision and accuracy equipment, essential for the perfect development of the mold and perfect tooling. It transforms an undefined initial from in a geometrically designer final form.

Rubber Production

Our Technological Center is able to develop, approve and review all inputs and raw materials used in the production of rubber, polyurethane and thermoplastics, ensuring a greater linearity and security in the manufacture of our products. In the manufacture of rubber compounds we work with mixers: banbury and cylinder for greater agility. The production of thermoplastics and polyurethane operates with various homogenizers and CNC lathes respectively.

Final Products

For conformation of the final products, we work with the following methods: compressed / extruded / calender / molecular fusion / machining. In this production stage the combination of chemistry and mechanics engineering occurs in order to compose the suitable final product. The work cycle consists of a number of technological operations, which convert rubber compounds, polyurethane or thermoplastic into technical parts, which meet the highest quality standards. The entire production process is strengthened by an intense control of traceability and monitoring of specific parameters for each product.