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The Company


Retesp is a rubber manufacturing industry that is 100% Brazilian and has manufacturing made-to-order artifacts since 1985, always adapting projects to the needs and specific working conditions of customers.

Our goal is to maintain a prominent position regarding the acquisition of rubber artifacts on the market, and to achieve this we offer cutting-edge technology and count on skilled professionals. We are committed to the maximum productivity of our customers.

Retesp is a company consolidated in the market of industrial seals and gaskets and a leader in the national market, and they began in 2006 their international sales department with the objective of serving all of Latin America, North America and Europe. Over the years Retesp developed thousands of items for multinational companies and this has enabled us to participate in international markets. This variety of products has led us to visualize applications worldwide which, besides the similarity in functionality, are products of certified quality. Currently we supply commodities and specialty products of our line to several countries.

Retesp has its industrial complex in the city of Penápolis, in the state of São Paulo, a modern sealing technology center, with high-tech sectors of information, project development, laboratory, machining, pressing, mixing and others that add up to improve the service level. It has a sales office in São Paulo/SP to ensure close proximity to their customers.



Focus on quality and durability of our parts with emphasis on our clients maximum productivity.


To be recognized by the market as the best choice for the production and development of special rubber parts for industrial equipment.


Ethics, respect and transparency in it's operations.


  • More than 60 million manufactured parts
  • + 50 thousand different items
  • + 100 new projects per month
  • 30 years of experience and credibility
  • Presence in all industry sectors and automakers in Brazil
  • Quality, technology, punctuality and know-how.